fun week ahead

Ah! so long since i’ve blogged, if you are still reading, well, thank you. it’s echoey on here these days. your steak and ale gift certificate is in the mail. Fun things i’m working on these days, a new book, finally found the time and energy and time to sit and write and couldn’t be more excited about it. In LA this week, seeing old friends and speaking a few times. Doing a forum tomorrow nite at USC, one of the most religiously diverse colleges in the world. Dr. Varun Soni, the dean of religion here has invited me to come speak, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I’m calling tomorrow nite’s talk, “Why they leave,” and trying to pull back the curtain on the mass exodus of evangelicals from the church. Hope all is well in your corner of the world. i’ll post talk, or a link to it when i can. cheers friends.