In More Lost Than Found Jared Herd writes with both honesty and hope as he shares his journey and welcomes us all to re-examine true faith in the midst of a fragmented culture.  Like he speaks, Jared crafts More Lost Than Found with humor and grace as he seeks to repair pathways once broken and usher a new generation into the wonder and mystery of the Gospel.

-Louie Giglio, The Passion Movement, Passion City Church

Jared Herd is a powerful and free spirit, ruled by truth and grace.  He is a voice that comes to us every so often, reminding our mind and soul which direction to amicably go: closer to God.  Not only am I grateful to have his writings, I am even more astounded to have him as a friend. Let us all find what we seek.”

- Matt Schulze, actor, leading roles in Fast and Furious, Fast and Furious Five, The Transporter, and many more

Jared Herd belies our usual assumption that to be “wise” one must be “old.” Here is a young guy who teems with shrewd discernment. He is a vigorous boundary-crosser moving readily back and forth between old and new, secular and sacred, “pop” and serious, innovation and tradition. In the midst of it he senses a purpose other than his own and a calling out beyond self.  Readers are invited to such boundary-crossing toward a future where faith matters enormously.

- Walter Brueggemann, world renowned theologian, Columbia Theological Seminary

More Lost Than Found presents the Christian message with a fresh perspective that anyone can hear.  If you’ve ever wrestled with doubt, disillusionment, or dissatisfaction, you don’t want to miss this book.”

-Gary Safady, producer, Machine Gun Preacher

“In More Lost than Found, Jared Herd presents us the Christian faith in a way that is engaging, intellectual, and disarming.  He moves between popular culture and his own biblical convictions with a humble and honest voice, while pulling his audience back to a God they’ve grown weary of. As someone who has worked for over 50 years in the entertainment industry, I can tell you how rare it is to find someone who can speak to the next generation. Jared Herd is one of those voices.  I’m grateful for his work and his friendship.”

-Michael Jay Solomon, former president of Warner Bros International Television, former president of Lorimar Telepictures, former vice-president of MCA/Universal

If you look at the statistics about people raised in the church who are now leaving it, you’ll realize that something has gone horribly wrong. Has God’s truth lost relevance? The answer to this question, says Jared Herd, director of XP3 Students, is an absolute no. Next-generation Christians are drifting from the institutional faith because they no longer see their very real struggles or their need for deep connection with God adequately addressed there.

In More Lost Than Found,  Jared Herd comes alongside anyone who has drifted from faith to reengage them with the truth they long to hear. With amusing anecdotes and brilliant insight, he gives readers the permission to struggle with their faith while, deep down, knowing they still believe it and want to believe it. In this refreshing, true-to-life message, readers find a companion for their faith journey, rediscover the truth they grew up believing, and are invigorated to lay hold of it once again.
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