Thinking Out Loud

I haven’t had much desire to write as of late, between finishing my first book (yay!) and writing for a living, sitting down at a computer to put thoughts on a screen brings to mind that same feeling I get when I trudge to my basement to do P90X. (Which I don’t do very often)

However, this blog gives me something I have longer for, a way to interact with those of you I meet and talk about God and life with in all of the beautiful towns I find myself in. At the same time, it allows me to think out loud, process ideas, and figure out what it is that I might believe about certain topics. A lot of times, I don’t know what I think about a particular subject and then I voice an opinion out loud, and perhaps out of nothing more than pride and a need to defend myself I back up that said opinion with quite a gusto until I become convinced it is what I believe.

There is something powerful about the spoken word, or in this case the written, that reflects back to me who I am and what I think, how I am making sense of all that I experience.  Sometimes there are ideas we maybe always believe in, but they don’t become real to us until we say them.  Since this is the first blog entry, we will start with the simplest of phrases- “God loves me.” Those three words and that concept have swirled around my head since I was playing in the sand pit, and while nothing in me ever contested them, they become more real when I write them and say them out loud.

So somehow, I hope this becomes a place where ideas, perhaps ones that swirl around with nowhere to land, can come to life by leaping onto a screen.

Random, I know, more entries to come.